what we do

  • drilling services iraq
    Drilling Services

    Al Busttan provide full drilling services in both Iraq's Northern and Southern oil fields. We work towards maximising your production whilst decreasing risks to your project. As well as carryout drilling, we also lay all sizes of pipelines from your well site, to the refinery or port. Trust your next project to Al Busttan.

  • construction engineering iraq
    Construction & Engineering

    Al Busttan undertake all types of construction. From small to large base camps in the oilfields to large civilian projects such as shopping centres, accomodation and airports. Al Busttan can deliver what you need. Recent projects have included road construction (feeder roads and super highways) and a 200 man camp build. Whatever you need creating, we can help.

  • maintenance services iraq

    Our maintenance services help to keep your business up and running at maximum capacity. We keep your generators, water treatment services and vehicles functioning. We also undertake heavy repair work including engine overhauls and major electrical generator major overhauls. Our pro-active approach helps to minimise risks to your business and keep costs down.

  • logistics life support iraq
    Logistics & Life Support

    From spare parts to food, we keep your business supplied with what it needs to operate in Iraq. From adhoc to regular supplies, speak to us today to see how we can help your business. Timely and efficient, your company can rely on our logistics service. We also provide a range of life support services including catering and laundry services, welfare facilities, barbers, cleaning and medical services.

  • power and water services iraq
    Power & Water Services

    We supply and install 5kva to 2500kva electrical and diesel generators and undertake residential as well as industrial works and synchronising of electric power generators. We supply and install Reverse Osmosis (RO) water treatment plants and sewage treatment plants and carryout hazardous materials and vector control. We undertake large and small scale electrical wiring work of homes, camps and offshore facilities all to BS7671 standard.

  • security iraq
    Risk Management & Security

    Al Busttan ensures that appropriate security is designed in to all our construction projects. Our experienced team of consultants carryout thorough risk assessments to your project and operations to ensure the right measures are built into the design from the start. We also provide high quality security services including static guarding, personal security protection and mobile security patrols.